101 Priority Account

  • Key Features and Benefits
  • The Priority Token
  • Fees & Charges
  • FAQs
  • Terms & Conditions
Average Monthly Minimum Balance

INR 25,000

Superior Interest Rates on the 101 Priority Account
  1. Enjoy 6% p.a. on your balances up to INR 1 Lakh.
  2. For balances above INR 1 Lakh*, enjoy higher interest rates with 6% p.a. up to INR 1 Lakh, and 7% p.a. for the remaining balance over and above INR 1 Lakh.
Open an Account when you want to, where you want to!

Completely paperless online account opening in less than 5 minutes

RuPay Platinum Debit Card
Transactions @ Zero Charge!
  1. 50 free transactions per month across NEFT, IMPS, RTGS
  2. Free debit card issuance
  3. Zero debit card maintenance charges for the first year
  4. 12 free ATM transactions (financial/non-financial) per month
Open an FD from your 101 Priority Account and earn up to 9% p.a.
Bank in your Mobile Phone!

Bill Pay, flexible Standing Instruction options, fund transfers, and much more!!

*To maintain balances above INR 1Lakh, the customer must get his/her full KYC done

PartnerOfferTerms & Conditions
Minimum Monthly Average Balance (INR)
  1. Monthly Average Minimum Balance: INR 25000 per month
  2. Non maintenance of AMB will be charged at INR 300 pro-rata of shortfall
  3. If customer linked FD balances are or exceed INR 1 Lakh, AMB charges will be waived off
Fund Transfers
  1. 50 transactions per month free across IMPS, NEFT, RTGS* and across any of the bank’s channels (online, branch, etc.)
  2. Charges if transactions exceed 50 transactions for the month:
Up to INR 25000 INR 2.5 per transaction
INR 25000 - INR 1 Lakh INR 5 per transaction
INR 1 Lakh - INR 2 Lakh INR 15 per transaction
Up to INR 10,000 INR 2.5 per transaction
INR 10,000 - INR 1 Lakh INR 5 per transaction
INR 1 Lakh - INR 2 Lakh INR 15 per transaction
Above INR 2 Lakhs INR 25 per transaction
INR 2 Lakhs - INR 5 Lakhs INR 22 per transaction
Above INR 5 Lakhs INR 49 per transaction

INR 4 per INR 1000 of cash transaction with minimum charge INR 50

Debit Card/ATM Charges
  1. Debit card annual maintenance fees: INR 30 per month
  2. Debt card reissuance fees (replacement of lost card): INR 200
  3. ATM (Fincare ATM/Non Fincare ATM) Financial/Non-Financial Transactions-12 transactions per month at nil charges; thereafter Financial transaction: INR 25 per transaction; Non-Financial transaction: INR 10 per transaction
Cheque Book**
  1. Cheque book issuance charge (25 leaves/book): INR 50
  2. CTS Cheque deposited return due to insufficient funds: INR 100 per instance; CTS Cheque deposited return due to other reasons: INR 50 per instance; CTS Cheque issued return due to insufficient funds: INR 300 per instance with waiver of 1 such instance per month; CTS Cheque issued return due to other reasons: INR 100 per instance with waiver of 1 such instance per month
Branch Requests

Any request chargeable at INR 100 per request

Statements & Alerts

SMS and E-mail alerts: Nil

Important Information:
  1. Charges are exclusive of the Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  2. As per RBI guidelines, Business/Commercial transactions are not permitted in the Savings Accounts
  3. The above charges are subject to revision. Any change of charges will be intimated to the customer within a reasonable period prior to effecting any respective changes, as per Bank’s Policy
  4. For detailed General Schedule of Fees & Charges, please click here: Hyperlink

*RTGS available only after conversion to full KYC account

Why should I go for a 101 Priority Account?

The 101 Priority Account is an INR 25,000 balance account, which comes with multiples free transactions, waivers and facilities that are normally charged for lower balance accounts. Some of the features and benefits exclusive to 101 Priority include:

  • 50 transactions per month free across IMPS, NEFT, RTGS* and across any of the bank’s channels (online, branch, etc.)
  • 12 free ATM transactions (financial/non-financial) per month
  • Average Minimum Balances can be waived off if the customer has placed an FD of INR 1 Lakh or higher with the Bank
  • Cheque issue return insufficient funds: 1 instance per month waived off
  • Cheque issue return technical issue: 1 instance per month waived off
  • Stop Payment per Cheque: 1 instance per month waived off
  • Stop Payment Cheque Series: 1 instance per month waived off

What’s more all our 101 Priority Customers will get a RuPay Platinum Debit Card with exciting offers, benefits and 24/7 concierge services.

For detailed FAQ’s on 101 Accounts, please click here Detailed FAQs

  1. By providing his/her details, customer agrees to the terms and conditions of the Bank as listed in hyperlink
  2. Bank shall not be liable for any connectivity/ signal/data issues leading to non-compliance or false/incomplete information being provided by the customer leading to the incompletion of his/her application
  3. Customer agrees that the name in the account will be the customer name as per his/her Aadhaar card
  4. Customer herewith agrees that customer has not opened nor will open any other OTP e-KYC based account with Fincare Small Finance Bank or any other Bank.
  5. If opened through UIDAI based OTP, it will be limited KYC account and you will be deemed a limited KYC customer (your unique customer number will be tagged as a limited KYC customer number). For limited KYC customers, the aggregate balance of all deposit accounts linked to any such customer should not exceed INR 1 Lakh. Similarly, the aggregate of all credits linked to accounts mapped to any such customer shall not exceed INR 2 Lakhs. Also, if such customer wishes to avail a term loan, the term loan(s) cannot exceed INR 60,000 in a year. These limits shall be placed for such a customer till full KYC is done.
  6. The monthly Average Minimum Balance (AMB) to be maintained for the 101 Priority Account is INR 25,000. The customer will be charged for non-maintenance of minimum balance as per the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank (click here) according to charges specified in the Schedule of Charges (click here). If the FD balances linked to such customer, where the customer is a primary holder, amount to or exceed INR 1 Lakh, the AMB charges will be waived off. In order to maintain account balances that amount to INR 1 Lakh or greater, the customer must get a full KYC done.
  7. The customer herewith agrees to complete his/her full KYC by visiting the nearest Fincare Small Finance Bank/requesting a visit from the bank representative and providing biometric details within 12 months of opening such an account
  8. The customer agrees that failure to complete full KYC within 12 months will lead to his account being closed by the bank. He/ She can proceed to withdraw funds/ use his/her account for any transaction only upon completion of full KYC
  9. The 101 Account opening process is not available for customers who are FATCA reportable
  10. This application is available for opening a savings account by Resident Indian individuals only
  11. The customer agrees that such an account will be subject to regular scrutiny and that the bank shall reserve the right to completely freeze/debit freeze/ close the account at its sole discretion
  12. If customer fails to provide full KYC for any reason, customer understands and agrees that the bank reserves the right to close the account and the customer will have to contact the branch withdrawing any leftover amount in his/her account
  13. Under these Terms & Conditions, the customer hereby provides consent and understands that part or full information may be shared with select partners to enable the provision of offers, discounts, etc. that the customer is eligible for.
  14. It is expected that during the launch phase the Bank may take three months or such other reasonable period to enable customers to become Full KYC and remove restrictions on their account(s). The geography at which the customer is located will determine the ability for the bank to enable the customers to become Full KYC. In case of urgency the customers may visit a Bank Branch as listed on our website along with original Aadhaar card to become Full KYC.